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star-parkerStar Parker is the Founder and President of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal Education, a non-profit think-tank that promotes market-based public policy to fight poverty. Before involvement in social activism, Star had seven years of first-hand experience in the grip of welfare dependency. Now as a social policy consultant, Star is bringing new energy to policy discussions on how to transition America’s poor from government dependency. Star’s personal transformation from welfare dependent to conservative crusader has been chronicled by ABC’s 20/20, Rush Limbaugh, Readers Digest, James Dobson, The 700 Club, Dr. George Grant, Christianity Today, James Robison, NewsmaxCharisma and World Magazine.

Star has received numerous awards and commendations for her work on public policy issues. She consults with Republican legislators on numerous urban issues, lectures on anti-poverty initiatives at colleges and universities and serves on advisory boards for several national organizations. Star is a sought after expert on Capital Hill in Washington DC and for national radio, television and print interviews.

Other major accomplishments include speaking at the 1996 Republican National Convention and hosting a documentary on poverty with the BBC in London. Star as debated Jesse Jackson on various headline issues, fought for school choice on Larry King Live, defended welfare reform on the Oprah Winfrey Show and debated healthcare reform against Michael More on ABC’s The View with host Barbara Walters.

Star is a regular commentator on CNN, TBS, CSPAN and FOX News. Articles and quotes by Star regularly appear in major publications around the world. Author of three books and currently working on a fourth, Star was unanimously nominated to run for the Republican Congressional seat in California’s 37th District in 2010. While she did not win the seat, Star increased Republican votes district wide.

In addition to heading CURE, Star is a syndicated columnist for Scripps News Service, offering weekly op-eds to more than 300 newspapers and internet news sites worldwide, including The Boston HeraldDallas Morning NewsOrange Cunty RegisterKorean TimesWashington Examiner and Star and Stripes, the largest newspaper serving the men and women of our Armed Forces.

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