Devon Franklin Faith-based Author
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devon_mg_1899DeVon Franklin has brought many of today’s box office hits to the big screen:  “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith, “Beauty Shop” starring queen Latifah, “Be Cool” with John Travolta and this summer’s mega hit “Jumping The Broom,” starring Angela Bassett, to name a few.  Being one of the youngest individuals in his position in the competitive film industry and presiding over films which gross over $350 million worldwide are career accomplishments to be proud of, but what makes DeVon Franklin most ardently proud is his ministry work and ability to encourage others to follow their faith to greatness.

Growing up in church and suffering devastating personal setbacks as a child, DeVon Franklin discovered that the most powerful force in the universe is our faith.  DeVon realized that by embracing your faith, owning your faith and not being ashmed of it, you will be led to accomplishments well beyond anything you can imagine.  DeVon shares this and many more secrets to success through his lectures, sermons and book “Produced By Faith – Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self.”

Produced By Faith is a guide to how anyone can find legitimate, sustainable success that doesn’t involve compromising your beliefs.  Using the film business as a metaphor to life, DeVon shows how the methodology of making a movie and becoming involved in the character’s conflicts, is very similar to the process God goes through as He moves through our lives.  As we enjoy our favorite character’s highs and lows, we become engaged in their development and eagerly anticipate the next set of circumstances.  While we can not just turn the page in life to see the next chapter, DeVon does guarantee that just like in film, if we don’t lose ourselves and keep our faith, we will have a brighter tomorrow, we will triumph over all obstacles and we will become Produced By Faith.


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