SpeakersThatRock.net, is the lecture showcase for 7/24 TalentMarketing, a hybrid B2B agency that connects lecturers, entertainers, and entrepreneurs to opportunities within the meetings and live performance industries.  Through our websites  www.speakersthatrock.net and www.724talent.com, we work directly with meeting and event planners, associations, educational centers, venue buyers, theater presenters, nonprofit organizations and the faith-based community.

7/24TalentMarketing supports talent buyers and meeting planners across the US by providing program solutions customized to the need, theme and budget.  We handle all contract negotiations, guarantee delivery of the talent and provide a single point of contact through to the end of the event.

Services for Buyers:

  • Customized program menus
  • Contract negotiation
  • Travel itinerary monitoring
  • Point of contact support

Services for Talents:

  • Customized territory mapping
  • Marketing execution plans
  • Trade show representation
  • Direct booking outreach

Every talent and project have different objectives.  We invite you to schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your program’s unique success plan.

Created in 2011, 7/24TalentMarketing was built upon two decades experience in program marketing within the PolyGram, Mercury, DefJam, BMG, Universal, Arista, Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Greater Talent Network systems.  Lead agent Phyllis Rush has supported a diverse roster of performers and lecturers within the entertainment, technology, corporate, education, association, government, non-profit and faith-based industries.